Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Emma Johnson Résumé

Bachelor of Arts, University of Minnesota
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Udacity, 2018 (expected)
Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree (Apr-Oct)
Front-End Web Developer track (Jan-Apr)
Delta College, 2012-2015
Subjects studied: French, math, piano, biology, physics, inorganic & organic chemistry
• Delta College Honors Program

University of Minnesota, B.A. in English (emphasis in poetry), 2006-2008
Subjects studied: English, writing, German, film studies
• Fluent in German, as per Language Proficiency Exam, 1/16/09
• Writer/Researcher, Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, 2007
• Copy Desk Editor, The Minnesota Daily, 2006-07
• Radio K Volunteer, 2006-07

Rutgers University, National Student Exchange, 2007-08
Subjects studied: English, German, web authoring, interactive design
• Tutor, Plangere Writing Center, 2007

Minneapolis College of Art and Design
B.F.A. in painting and photography, 2000-2005 
Subjects studied: Fine art, media arts, graphic design, art history
• Learning Center Tutor, 2003-05
• Radio MCAD Volunteer, 2003-05

Macalester College
Macalester Exchange Program (MCAD sister school), 2003
Subjects studied: Philosophy

Parsons Paris School of Art and Design
Study Abroad, Fall 2002
Subjects studied: Fine art, French

Michigan Technological University
Post-secondary option, 1999-2000
Subjects studied: Statistics; art, writing, psychology, economics

Grow with Google Developer Scholarship, 2018
Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship, 2018
Scott Kennedy Memorial Scholarship, 2017
Coca-Cola Scholarship, 2015-16
Zonta Club of Midland Scholarship, 2014-15 
Arthur J. and Bette L. Fisher Scholarship, 2014-15
M. Seth Babcock Scholarship, 2013-14 
• Cari-DeWall Obst Uptown Association Scholarship, 2002-04

Writer (freelance),  SOLŪTIŌ Web Marketing & Design, Midland, MI, 2017-Present 
•    Write blogs and web copy. [112 projects]

Writer (freelance), Midland Daily News (Hearst Corporation), Midland, MI, 12/2009—Present
•    Write stories and features for print and web publication on arts and entertainment, lifestyle, culture, politics and local events. Recently started writing book reviews and a column about my extended trip to Shanghai, with corresponding photography. Currently working on Palestine/Israel op-ed column. Print circulation 16,500+ daily and 18,000+ Sunday. [231 articles, including 85 front page]

Writer (Freelance), Great Lakes Bay Regional Lifestyle Magazine, Bay City, MI, 2010-Present
•     Wrote a profile piece for the March 2011 education issue. Wrote five scene descriptions for the November 2011 issue in the magazine’s “People Pics” section. Upcoming advertorials.

Center Educator, Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art / Midland Center for the Arts, Midland, MI, 02/2009-Present
•    Research background information on science and art exhibitions. Design and lead tours for ages preschool through adult. Collaborated with colleague to create guide for “Art of the Brick” exhibit. Created 20-page talking points guide for “Out of this World: Extraordinary Costumes from Film and Television” exhibit. Other exhibits included: Rodin, Herman Miller, Mid-Century Modern, and Leonardo da Vinci. Facilitator for Spark!Lab Smithsonian.
WRIT Center Consultant, WRIT Center (Writing, Reading, and Information Technology), Delta College, 2013-15
•    Worked one-on-one with students to improve their writing and computer skills; provided online feedback to student papers; presented information about the WRIT Center in English classrooms at Delta.

Graphic Designer & Staff Writer, The Delta Collegiate, 2012-13
•    Honorable Mention, Column, Serious, Michigan Community College Press Association, “Investing in universal pre-school is a step in the right direction,” 2013 

  Proofer/Editor/Writer (freelance), ClearRiver Advertising & Marketing, Midland, MI, 2/10—8/10
•    Proofread and edited material for print and web; wrote profile cards, flyers, newspaper ads, press releases, brochures and testimonials for posters, flyers and websites. Clients included: Gerber/Nestlé, Gratiot Medical Center and MidMichigan Health* (which serves a population of 700,000). [162 projects.] *Currently University of Michigan Health System

“Darkytown Rebellion Installation: Viewers become a Kara Walker live action film,” Voices from the Gaps, University of Minnesota, 22 May 2013. Online.

“Kara Walker,” Voices from the Gaps, University of Minnesota, 20 May 2013. Online.

"From Writing Center to WRIT: Adding Reading & Technology Services to Our Writing Center." International Writing Centers Association Conference "Writing Center (r)Evolutions," Pittsburgh, PA, 9 Oct 2015.

Artist, Emma Johnson, Writer/Artist/Musician, 2001-Present
    Exhibited work in 25 exhibitions internationally (2 solo shows). Winner for best art piece in 2009 issue of Ivory Tower Art and Literary Magazine published by the University of Minnesota. Work in painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, video, and websites. 

Freelance Art Instructor, Creative 360, Midland, MI, 3/09—2012
•    Design and teach a variety of art classes and workshops for children and teenagers; collaborate with other art instructors to develop curriculum; act as a teaching assistant; delegate tasks to a teaching assistant when leading a class; team up with meta4 to design and teach art/art appreciation at St. Brigid’s Catholic School in the future; designed and taught art workshop at Montessori elementary school.

Freelance Art Faculty, Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art Museum School, Midland, MI, 2/10—2011
•    Designed and taught drawing classes for children.
Visual Resources Technician, College of Visual Arts Library
, St. Paul, MN, 2005-06

•    Processed slide requests from instructors at the college; shot slides from art books using 35 mm and digital SLR cameras; labeled slides; created files and maintained the slide database; maintained the 33,000 slides/digital images in the library’s collection; scanned slides and created digital files; delegated tasks to work-study student.

Violinist, Midland Community Orchestra, 2009-Present. 
Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter/Violinist/etc., 105 music performances.
Actor, Frances, “Squirrel,” directed by Thalia Drori, Minneapolis, 2015.
Actor, Kid #3, “BuddyLee, Guidance Counselor,” directed by Jon Nowak, Buddy Lee/ MTV, Fallon Worldwide, Minneapolis, MN, 2004. Starred in 6-minute Lee Jeans commercial running two weeks on MTV2 primetime show “Control Freak.”
Actor, Medical Lab Assistant, Toxic Energy: Little Miss Potentiality Returns,” directed by Thalia Drori, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2002.

1.     Mexico
2.     Costa Rica
3.     Canada
4.     France
5.     England
6.     China
7.     Thailand
8.     Germany
9.     Israel
10.  Palestine

German - Studied 3 years at the college level, passed a fluency test; but haven't spoken it in a while

French - Studied 1 year at the college level; currently self-study almost every day for ~1hr.

Spanish - Studied 4 years in high school; haven't spoken it in a while

Mandarin - Studied 10 weeks through a community program; haven't spoken it in a while


 Political topics covered
·       Animal rights

·       Consumer safety

·       Cultures (China, India, Iraq, Palestine/Israel)

·       Economics and finance

·       Education

·       Environment

·       Gun violence

·       Healthcare

·       Law

·       Occupy Wall Street

·       Palestinian/Israeli conflict

·       Political campaigns and events

·       Public policy

·       Technology

·       Veterans

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11/12/16 The H.O.P.E. Collective seeks to heal Midland Daily News (feature)
10/31/16 Palestinianstudent visits Midland; presentation Tuesday Midland Daily News
09/27/16 ArminMersmann in top 25 at ArtPrize 2016 Midland Daily News (feature)
09/30/16 Peace-Builderdelegate shares about Israeli-Palestine conflict Midland Daily News (feature)
09/16/16 HistoricalSociety celebrates Honors Terrace rededication Midland Daily News (feature)
09/12/16 Glennseeking second term in House Midland Daily News
09/06/16 MidlandRotary clubs educate about polio during Tridge Walk Midland Daily News (feature)
06/03/16 Families gather for gun violence awareness eventin Midland Midland Daily News (feature)
05/09/16 Windoveroffering culinary college credit Midland County Review
05/04/16 Windover offering culinary college credit; program open to all students in area Midland Daily News (feature)
04/09/16 Speaker discusses the legacy of Gerald R. Ford Midland Daily News
02/28/16 Understandingand overcoming emotional eating Midland Daily News
02/14/16 Brumm:There are healthier alternatives to dieting Midland Daily News
10/20/15 I could (definitely/not) care (more/less) WRIT Center Blog 
10/13/15 All right versus alright WRIT Center Blog
09/22/15 Good'Versus 'Well' WRIT Center Blog 
09/15/15 Myriad/Amyriad of WRIT Center Blog 
09/15/15 Was/Were WRIT Center Blog 
09/06/15 Reader’s Choice 2015: Reader’s Choice pick for best Brew Pub: WhitchCraft Midland Daily News 
09/06/15 Reader’s Choice 2015: The Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe continues to serve up winning ingredients Midland Daily News
08/04/15 ROCK The Tridge! Battle of the Bands coming Thursday Midland Daily News  (feature)
01/11/14 Citizen beekeepers? DowGardens workshop explores options Midland Daily News
11/02/14 Popcorn Man's family carries on Halloween tradition Midland Daily News
10/17/14 Halloween costumes take over Downtown Midland Midland Daily News
10/17/14 Mannequins invade downtown Midland Midland Daily News (feature)
08/28/14 Culinary program at WindoverHigh has new chef Midland Daily News
07/21/14 Ducks float for hope during RiverDays in Midland Midland Daily News (feature)
07/17/14 RiverDays returns to downtown Midland this weekend Midland Daily News
06/12/14 Inaugural Woodcutter's Ball in Auburn Midland Daily News
05/18/14 Educators, others seek more funding from state lawmakers Midland Daily News

08/31/14 Area does not mirror nation in high chair injuries Midland Daily News 
08/30/14 Trauma team: In car crashes, seat belt use reduces injury severity Midland Daily News
08/2013 Jet's Midland Daily News

08/2013 Holiday Inn Midland Daily News
05/22/13 Darkytown Rebellion Installation: Viewers become a Kara Walker live action film  Voices from the Gaps/University of Minnesota
05/20/13 Kara Walker Voices from the Gaps/University of Minnesota
04/01/13 Gay Marriage Debated The Delta Collegiate
02/28/13 Investing in universal pre-school is a step in the right direction The Delta Collegiate
02/28/13 Good-bye Ford Aspire ’97 The Delta Collegiate (poetry)
01/11/12 Delta Poet to be included in Missouri poetry anthology The Delta Collegiate (feature)
11/13/12 Midland orchestra studentslearn from master violinist -->Midland Daily News
11/02/12 "The sweet sound of music" Midland Daily News (feature)
10/29/12 Harlem Ambassadors, Buzzer Beaters play game to help Diaper Bank Midland Daily News (feature)
10/12/12 Mannequin night well attended in Downtown Midland Midland Daily News (feature)
10/11/12 Marching bands in thespotlight at Midland Stadium Midland Daily News (feature)
08/13/12 With shared bike lanes,motorists, cyclists need to follow rules Midland Daily News
07/21/12 How sweet is this 90th birthday! Midland Daily News
07/20/12 Creative 360 class teaches the next generation of gardeners Midland Daily News (feature)
06/22/12 Solar energy saves money forhome owners Midland Daily News
06/16/12 Chippewassee school one step closer to becoming Windover High Midland Daily News
06/14/12 Renovated band shell shines at first performance Midland Daily News
06/05/12 Hands on with healthy good at Chestnut Hill Elementary Midland Daily News (feature)
06/04/12 Fifth-graders honored at DARE Day at Dow Diamond Midland Daily News
05/29/12 Van Dam named to Humanities Council board of directors Midland Daily News
05/29/12 Group working toward adrug-free environment Midland Daily News
05/22/12 Northwood dedicates Phase IIof renovation project Midland Daily News
05/15/12 Blasy works as WoundedWarriors doctor Midland Daily News
05/14/12 1016 Recovery Network presents ‘Laugh for a Change Midland Daily News
05/14/12 Pets on parade in Midland Midland Daily News
05/13/12 Student soloist finds interestinginspiration Midland Daily News
05/06/12 Ralston stepping to otherside of bell choir after 35 years Midland Daily News
04/27/12 Mid-Michigan Teen Challengecelebrates 40th year Midland Daily News
04/25/12 City of Midland dogordinances, laws explained Midland Daily News
04/25/12 Group to share Chineseculture with community Midland Daily News
04/24/12 Northwood Universitycelebrates Earth Day Midland Daily News
04/15/12 The Arc of Midland celebrates 60 years with a story Midland Daily News
04/11/12 Midwest Manipuri hostCheiraoba celebration Midland Daily News
04/08/12 Some plants don’t mix well with pets, children Midland Daily News
04/06/12 Ieuter named by Gov. Snyder to serve on Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board Midland Daily News
04/01/12 Lawn care season starts: aerating and thatching lawns Midland Daily News
03/29/12 ‘From Sanford, Michigan’ —Meridian senior awarded second place at National Trumpet Competition Midland Daily News, Midland County Review
03/29/12 $250,000! Winning Mega Millions ticket sold at M-20 store Midland Daily News (feature), Midland County Review (feature)
03/26/12 Water issues, climate change discussed at recent webinar Midland Daily News
03/23/12 Scouts honored for work in STEM program Midland Daily News
03/19/12 One-stop shopping for summer camps Midland Daily News
03/16/12 400 youngsters attending Beauregard Bear Health Adventure Midland Daily News
03/12/12 Midland's John Carter enjoys Disney's 'John Carter' Midland Daily News
03/04/12 Entrepreneur, author discusses creativity Midland Daily News
03/04/12 Chef Andy named American Culinary Federation Chef of the Year Midland Daily News
02/29/12 Crivac looking forward to Sweet Sixteen Midland Daily News
02/28/12 Santorum bus tour comes to Midland Midland Daily News 
02/21/12 Chippewa Nature Center maple syrup season set to begin Midland Daily News
02/21/12 Thirty mid-Michigan kids receive surprise bicycles Midland Daily News (feature)
02/11/12 'Go Red’ conference attracts 250 Midland Daily News
02/10/12 New Dow Gardens treat: Butterflies from Asia, Africa Midland Daily News
02/10/12 Students celebrate Hundred's Day Midland Daily News
02/06/12 240 attend Piano Palooza fundraiser for Disability Network Midland Daily News
02/03/12 Kozuch among 14 nominated for military academies Midland Daily News
01/29/12 The mitten lady Midland Daily News (feature)
01/27/12 TEDxMIDLAND Conference slated at MCFTA Saturday Midland Daily News
01/27/12 Creative 360 hosts 'Breath of Life' Midland Daily News
01/27/12 Dow Gardens celebrates withlocal vendors and candlelit strolls Midland Daily News
01/22/12 Progress: Educators hope state aid cuts are over Midland Daily News
01/01/12 Wilt brings special performance to Midland Midland Daily News
12/31/12 Former Midland High School student graduates Ohio State U with honors in 2.5 years Midland Daily News    
12/24/11 The tradition that keeps building Midland Daily News
12/13/11 Aging in Midland County: Seniors look to stay in their own homes   Midland Daily News   
12/11/11 Best-selling Michigan authors to sign new children’s book at Dow Gardens Midland Daily News  
12/10/11 Veterinarian: Vaccination easiest route to prevent parvovirus Midland Daily News   
12/09/11 Credit unions, small banks see increases Midland Daily News  
12/08/11 King's Daughters Christmas Closet helps clothe 1,800 children Midland Daily News   
11/29/11 JA holiday fundraising online auction now open Midland Daily News  
11/27/11 Hospitals leery of proposed changes to no-fault law Midland Daily News   
11/25/11 Early bird gets the worm... and a television — Black Friday campers get a jump on sales Midland Daily News (feature)   
11/22/11 Student drive nets 68 boxes of canned food Midland Daily News   
11/21/11 Creative 360’s future weighed Midland Daily News   
11/18/11 Rhapsody is high voltage Midland Daily News  
11/13/11 Encouraging healthy eating through education Midland Daily News   
11/12/11 Chef Andy to be on Dr. Oz show (again), to discuss White House trip Midland Daily News   
11/05/11 Harvest Ball raises money for Alzheimer’s Association Midland Daily News (feature)
11/04/11 Northwood University students making a difference Midland Daily News   
10/29/11 County jobless rate drops to 7.5 percent in September Midland Daily News  
10/26/11 Midland runner with diabetes to race across U.S. Midland Daily News   
10/18/11 Wall Street Protest Comes to Midland Midland Daily News (feature)   
10/10/11 Speakers discuss future of biofuels Midland Daily News   
10/03/11 Big crowd attends Brew Fest Midland Daily News (feature)    
10/03/11 Walking to fight hunger Midland Daily News   
10/02/11 Midland artist, Class of 2011 combine talents, philanthropy to leave legacy at Northwood Midland Daily News   
09/26/11 HOT TIMES: Downtown Midland hosts chili-salsa taste-off Midland Daily News   
09/18/11 Rallying to support cancer research Midland Daily News  
09/16/11 Residents share historic preservation ideas Midland Daily News  
09/16/11 Main Street glowed Thursday at kickoff of Re/Max Balloon Festival Midland Daily News  
09/15/11 ACS Cancer Action Network rally set Midland Daily News  
09/14/11 Midland Center for the Arts Celebrates 40 years Midland Daily News   
09/14/11 Morris highlights tax cuts, deregulation in talk Midland Daily News (feature)   
09/11/11 RSS feed benefits explained Midland Daily News/!gnite: creating conversation   
09/09/11 NU to host 9/11 memorial Midland Daily News  
09/09/11 Former Midlanders recover from hurricane Midland Daily News   
09/06/11 Midland to Mackinaw bicycle journey raises money for Joplin tornado victims Midland Daily News   
09/02/11 Michigan group tests car seats for toxic chemicals Midland Daily News  
09/01/11 Scam artists go digital with latest attack Midland Daily News   
08/26/11 Midland soldier returns home Midland Daily News (feature)  
08/26/11 Midland Area CROP Hunger Walk recruiter’s rally Midland Daily News  
08/23/11 Exhibit has graffiti as art Midland Daily News   
08/20/11 The cultural enrichment of living abroad Midland Daily News (column)  
08/16/11 BBBS selling tickets for golf ball drop Midland Daily News  
08/11/11 Midland DDA summer events a great success Midland Daily News  
08/10/11 Humane Society President brings book tour to Midland Midland Daily News   
08/08/11 Twang Thang Midland Daily News (feature)  
06/16/11 Unusual Relay fundraiser Midland Daily News (feature)   
06/13/11 Highland Festival: Event celebrates Celtic traditions Midland Daily News (feature)   
06/12/11 Former foster care youths share keys to success Midland Daily News (feature)
06/05/11 Midlander co-founds group to care for orphaned children in China Midland Daily News  
04/17/11 More than 1,000 fourth graders attend music celebration Midland Daily News   
04/11/11 NU’s international students job shadow Tri-City businesses Midland County Review   
03/26/11 Sensational Speakers prepare member for contest Midland Daily News   
03/25/11 Elementary students prepare for annual Music Celebration Concert Midland Daily News   
03/19/11 Campbell honored with 2010 Stutelberg award Midland Daily News  
03/14/11 Nearly 500 enjoy Literacy Council's 'World's Greatest Dessert Party' Midland Daily News   
03/09/11 Nearly 500 enjoy Literacy Council's 'World's Greatest Dessert Party' Midland County Review   
03/09/11 A bird in the a lesson taught to Central Middle School students Midland Daily News (feature)   
03/08/11 Chef Andy named 2011 Educator of the Year Midland Daily News       
03/11 Cooking up a competitive edge Great Lakes Bay Regional Lifestyle Magazine   
02/26/11 Troop 767 celebrates 100th Eagle Scout, 100 years of scouting Midland Daily News   
02/26/11 NU Black History Week trivia quiz Midland Daily News    
02/26/11 Documentary caps Northwood Black History Celebration Week Midland Daily News   
02/22/11 Poets share verses as part of Northwood University Black History Celebration Midland Daily News  
02/16/11 School radio club fosters science, connections Midland Daily News   
02/14/11 At least 35 cats and dogs adopted Midland Daily News   
02/07/11 Piano Palooza raises $20,000; Disability Network program still needs $10,000 Midland Daily News  
02/07/11 Go Red for Women: Helping women become heart healthy Midland Daily News  
02/07/11 Students create snow sculptures at Farmer’s Market Midland Daily News  
02/06/11 One act showdown: MCFTA hosts state play festival Midland Daily News  
02/04/11 Chinese culture classes offered to the public Midland Daily News   
02/04/11 Disability Network’s Piano Palooza Saturday Midland Daily News   
02/04/11 Go Red for American Heart Month with a healthy diet Midland Daily News   
01/23/11 Meridian symphonic band plays music educators’ conference Midland Daily News  
01/22/11 NU goes back to ‘The 90s’ for Coming Home 2011 Midland Daily News   
01/19/11 Northwood presents Swimp at MLK Luncheon Midland Daily News  
01/17/11 Health officials target radon Midland Daily News   
01/10/11 Keyboard Fest: 236 piano students perform at Midland Center for the Arts Midland Daily News (feature)  
01/07/11 Experience of a lifetime: Local woman competes in AKC/Eukanuba National Champianship Midland Daily News (feature)   
01/06/11 Pianos featured at MCFTA Midland Daily News   
01/05/11 Part of the family Midland Daily News (feature)  
12/26/10 Celtic Moon expands to offer coffee shop Midland Daily News   
12/24/10 New fund established for Chemical City Band Midland Daily News   
12/10/10 Washington Woods tradition: Decorating the lounge with love Midland Daily News (feature)
12/10/10 250 attend MidMichigan Medical Center's 29th annual Love Light ceremony Midland Daily News (feature)
12/07/10 New era of medical care: Harlow Building transformed as part of expansion project Midland Daily News (feature)   
12/03/10 Northwood students host Salvation Army Christmas Party Midland Daily News  
12/02/10 Children get to shop with heroes Midland Daily News (feature)   
12/04/10 Ground broken on new Residence Inn in Midland Midland Daily News   
11/30/10 Creek band members visit The Caring Place Midland Daily News (feature)  
11/28/10 A culinary Christmas at Peel 'n Pare Midland Daily News   
11/26/10 Library needs help to win audio book prize Midland Daily News  
11/20/10 Desserts bring Girl Scout supporters to Bake-Off Midland Daily News  
11/12/10 Riverside Remembers Midland Daily News (feature)   
11/09/10 Northwood University hosting Make a Difference Week Midland Daily News (feature)   
11/08/10 Hippotherapy: Having fun, achieving goals Midland Daily News (feature)   
11/08/10 Treadwell: Society pays for lack of preventive care Midland Daily News  
10/29/10 New school, great old science Midland Daily News  
10/27/10 Jim Ardis: Creations in copper and clay Midland Daily News  
10/27/10 Research council analyzes ballot proposals Midland Daily News   
10/25/10 Valley Lanes celebrates 50th anniversary Midland Daily News (feature)   
10/25/10 Midland native dean at school receiving $1 million from Oprah Midland Daily News   
10/22/10 Pumpkin Fest rolls into downtown Midland Midland Daily News (feature)  
10/21/10 Author says Michigan example of how not to govern Midland Daily News   
10/20/10 Dow Gardens celebrates 100,000 visitors Midland Daily News   
10/18/10 Brewfest draws a large crowd Midland Daily News  
10/10/10 'Dirty Dogs' run for a good cause Midland Daily News (feature)  
10/10/10 Author Dunya Mikhail tells of her life in Iraq Midland Daily News 
09/28/10 Great Lakes Bay Autism Center hopes to raise awareness at Fair Midland Daily News  
09/21/10 Readers' Choice award winners for 2010 Midland Daily News  
09/14/10 2010 harvest looking sweet for farmers Midland Daily News   
09/10/10 Bone Marrow Drive set for Saturday at Midland Mall Midland Daily News   
08/27/10 Kindercare kids walk more than 400 miles during summer program Midland Daily News   
08/26/10 Pure Michigan campaign a game changer Midland Daily News   
08/23/10 Bed Bugs not a threat in Midland County Midland Daily News   
08/23/10 Homebuilder survey shows market still soft Midland Daily News   
08/16/10 Lady Antebellum performs to sold-out crowd Midland Daily News (feature)   
08/09/10 Little Forks awarded national accreditation Midland Daily News   
08/01/10 Bouchard: 'Make Michigan the place to do business' Midland Daily News   
07/16/10 Governor candidate Snyder brings Reinvent Michigan Tour to Michigan Midland Daily News  
07/10/10 House legislation battles growing energy theft Midland Daily News   
06/24/10 Animal Magic coming to Midland Midland Daily News/Verge  
06/23/10 Health care reform to have big impacts Midland Daily News 
06/09/10 Chefs gather at White House to spur healthy eating in schools Midland Daily News  
06/03/10 Local chef to be at White House Friday Midland Daily News   
05/31/10 Mighty proud: Lashuay family has given 100 years service to U.S. Navy Midland Daily News (feature)  
05/17/10 Dogs compete at MMKC show at Midland County Fair Grounds Midland Daily News (feature)
05/10/10 On the wild side: 13 horses, one burro find new homes after adoption event at fairgrounds Midland Daily News  
04/29/10 Horses and burros available for adoption May 7-8 Midland Daily News  
04/20/10 'Architectural gem' demolished as renovations continue Midland Daily News (feature)   
03/25/10 The House That Love Built Midland Daily News (feature)     
03/11/10 Kevin Cotter to Run for 99th State District Representative Midland Daily News     
12/25/09 Ornament Tradition Grows Annually Midland Daily News


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