Friday, June 12, 2009

Church Bulletins

I kind-of love church bulletins. You might think that I'm making fun of them--I'm not. I just appreciate how church-related materials have such a distinct design. It's kitchey, but it's sincere. It's not self-conscious; it's only goal is to function for what it is. I think it's cool because it doesn't try to be. Those who create church bulletins are definitely not posiers.


When I lived in Paris, I always bought Kinder®. The packaging is too much--it's awesome. And the chocolate's good. No, they are not paying me.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Envelope Security (scans)

My Mom Designs for The Black Tulips

My Mom designed and embroidered this lovely logo when I was in the band "The Black Tulips." It's exactly the size of a CD cover. She made it to either be cover art or a logo to sew onto a sweatshirt. Isn't it sweet? And isn't it well designed? Thanks, Mom!