Friday, November 16, 2018

Skate Midland, 11/3/18

Competing at Skate Midland
Emma Johnson won Gold for Adult 1 Compulsory Moves at Skate Midland at the Midland Civic Arena on Saturday, November 3, 2018.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Website copy

Website links:

Emma Johnson Résumé

Bachelor of Arts, University of Minnesota
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minneapolis College of Art and Design


Delta College, 2012-2015
Subjects studied: French, math, piano, biology, physics, inorganic & organic chemistry
• Delta College Honors Program

University of Minnesota, B.A. in English (emphasis in poetry), 2006-2008
Subjects studied: English, writing, German, film studies
• Fluent in German, as per Language Proficiency Exam, 1/16/09
• Writer/Researcher, Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, 2007
• Copy Desk Editor, The Minnesota Daily, 2006-07
• Radio K Volunteer, 2006-07

Rutgers University, National Student Exchange, 2007-08
Subjects studied: English, German, web authoring, interactive design
• Tutor, Plangere Writing Center, 2007

Minneapolis College of Art and Design
B.F.A. in painting and photography, 2000-2005 
Subjects studied: Fine art, media arts, graphic design, art history
• Learning Center Tutor, 2003-05
• Radio MCAD Volunteer, 2003-05

Macalester College
Macalester Exchange Program (MCAD sister school), 2003
Subjects studied: Philosophy

Parsons Paris School of Art and Design
Study Abroad, Fall 2002
Subjects studied: Fine art, French

Michigan Technological University
Post-secondary option, 1999-2000
Subjects studied: Statistics; art, writing, psychology, economics

Grow with Google Developer Scholarship, 2018
Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship, 2018
Scott Kennedy Memorial Scholarship, 2017
Coca-Cola Scholarship, 2015-16
Zonta Club of Midland Scholarship, 2014-15 
Arthur J. and Bette L. Fisher Scholarship, 2014-15
M. Seth Babcock Scholarship, 2013-14 
• Cari-DeWall Obst Uptown Association Scholarship, 2002-04

Writer (freelance),  SOLŪTIŌ Web Marketing & Design, Midland, MI, 2017-Present 
•    Write blogs and web copy. [137 projects]

Writer (freelance), Midland Daily News (Hearst Corporation), Midland, MI, 12/2009—Present
•    Write stories and features for print and web publication on arts and entertainment, lifestyle, culture, politics and local events. Recently started writing book reviews and a column about my extended trip to Shanghai, with corresponding photography. Currently working on Palestine/Israel op-ed column. Print circulation 16,500+ daily and 18,000+ Sunday. [231 articles, including 85 front page]

Writer (Freelance), Great Lakes Bay Regional Lifestyle Magazine, Bay City, MI, 2010-Present
•     Wrote a profile piece for the March 2011 education issue. Wrote five scene descriptions for the November 2011 issue in the magazine’s “People Pics” section. Upcoming advertorials.

Center Educator, Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art / Midland Center for the Arts, Midland, MI, 02/2009-Present
•    Research background information on science and art exhibitions. Design and lead tours for ages preschool through adult. Collaborated with colleague to create guide for “Art of the Brick” exhibit. Created 20-page talking points guide for “Out of this World: Extraordinary Costumes from Film and Television” exhibit. Other exhibits included: Rodin, Herman Miller, Mid-Century Modern, and Leonardo da Vinci. Facilitator for Spark!Lab Smithsonian.
WRIT Center Consultant, WRIT Center (Writing, Reading, and Information Technology), Delta College, 2013-15
•    Worked one-on-one with students to improve their writing and computer skills; provided online feedback to student papers; presented information about the WRIT Center in English classrooms at Delta.

Graphic Designer & Staff Writer, The Delta Collegiate, 2012-13
•    Honorable Mention, Column, Serious, Michigan Community College Press Association, “Investing in universal pre-school is a step in the right direction,” 2013 

  Proofer/Editor/Writer (freelance), ClearRiver Advertising & Marketing, Midland, MI, 2/10—8/10
•    Proofread and edited material for print and web; wrote profile cards, flyers, newspaper ads, press releases, brochures and testimonials for posters, flyers and websites. Clients included: Gerber/Nestlé, Gratiot Medical Center and MidMichigan Health* (which serves a population of 700,000). [162 projects.] *Currently University of Michigan Health System

Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday, July 13, 2018

Communication with each party identically misjudging the other

A woman at Starbucks greeted me when I walked in, “Hi, Pumpkinseed Eater!” I had no idea who she was and couldn’t remember any pumpkin inside jokes. So I smiled and said, “Oh, hi! So nice to see you! How are you?” For a millisecond she had deer in the headlights but said, “Hi … uh ... good to see you!” I then realized she hadn’t said ‘hi’ to me, but must have been recounting a story to her friend. So there we were: Two people who didn’t know each other both pretending that we did (waiting for context clues that would never come)!

It reminded me of vacationing in Paris when a man asked me directions in French. He spoke slowly and deliberately. I hadn’t spoken French in three years but did my best to answer him in French. Then I overheard him rapidly translating for his wife in English. We were both American tourists: Two native English speakers thinking the other was French!

I wonder if there is a technical term for communication where both sides equally misjudge their audience.