Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shanghai walk through the park in Pudong

Shanghai traditional dinner at restaurant

Thailand writing for good luck

Shanghai poor neighborhood

Shanghai Xintiandi

(30 photos)

Thailand Le Meridien

Shanghai grocery store

Shanghai and Thailand

Hibou waves

7-Eleven in Chiang Mai & Concordia in Shanghai

Shanghai / The Bund at Night

Monday, June 13, 2011

Shanghai [05/2011] Baobei

Baobei motto: "Precious child ... precious life."

Shanghai [05/2011] Made in.

Random Shanghai.

Shanghai [5-25-11] Flying

Flying from Shanghai to Michigan.

Shanghai [5-24-11] The bund at night

all lit up

Shanghai [5-24-11] City planning

City and city planning.

Shanghai [5-22-11] Pudong window

view from a room

Shanghai [5-18-11] Architecture in the city

Scenes of the city

Shanghai [5-17-11] art museums

Looking out from art museums.

Shanghai [5-16-11] Perusing the town


Former foster care youths share keys to success

Midland Daily News, 12 June 2011. Online.