Monday, February 25, 2013

I ♥ art and the humanities

Our world would be so boring without the humanities, art or drama. The arts and the humanities give us little breaks from daily routine to reflect on life. With a society obsessed with productivity, the humanities challenge our culture and invite us to contemplate the big picture. With a lot of emphasis put on answering math and science questions with convergent answers, the humanities ask divergent questions and challenge common ways of thinking, which leads to innovation. Art enriches our lives and carries over into more “practical” applications as well, contributing in unexpected ways. The arts and the humanities cannot be underestimated.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Photo Booth

Violin rosin

I got my used violin a little over 20 years ago and it came with violin rosin in the case. "Made in West Germany" ... I think it's interesting how today I use the violin rosin and so much has changed since the rosin was produced. I have a physical object showing a snapshot in time, but history has evolved since then. It's the past, but I'm using it in the present.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby mittens

Lolly-pop themed. Made in 2006.

Hand towels

Made in 2006 for my friends' wedding.

Good-bye Ford Aspire ’97!

Good-bye Ford Aspire ’97!
By Emma Johnson
It shouldn’t be so sad.
My car was 16 years old
and kept breaking down.

No shock absorbers.
A/C doesn’t work.
Brakes must be applied way in advance.
A dent from a car in the movie theatre parking-lot.
Rust on shiny turquois where I side-scraped the car
when I pulled up too close to a gas-pump.
Radio volume won’t budge so it’s always on softly.
You can tell it’s NPR by the cadence,
not because you understand the words.
I’m not informed, but it’s comforting.

I referred to you as a piece of crap,
but I always patted the dashboard,
“Just kidding! Good car!”
You brought me so many places.
I learned to drive.
I moved to college.
I drove halfway across the U.S.

You seemed so lonely as I watched the tow-truck pull you away.
I feel silly being teary-eyed.
But it seems so cold to scavenge you for parts
and throw away the rest.
A chapter closed if measured in cars.